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Connecting the World, Boosting Your Business. We are the Connection Group, a company founded by Brazilians with a strong global presence, primarily based in the United States.

Our reach extends across strategic locations including Brazil, Malaysia, India, Israel, China, the United States, Spain, Germany, and Colombia. In the era of globalization and rapid business evolution, Connection Group stands out as the answer to the escalating demand for intelligent connections in the global market.

Our goal

Our Mission

Our Differentiator

our goal

is to connect clients and suppliers securely and effectively, offering solutions and strategies that drive your business, accelerate growth, and unlock opportunities.

Our Mission

Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations We are committed to providing high-quality services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We value transparent relationships based on commitment and mutual respect.

Our Differentiator

Turning Visions into Reality What sets us apart at Connection Group?